About Us

Firstly, hello and welcome to TheProGamer. We are part of the media company, Project Gamer Limited. What is TheProGamer? We are a UK based website so we operate all our news around UK hours but that doesn’t restrict us from publishing worldwide news. Our main focus is Video Games and Technology but if anything gaming related comes our way we will publish also, for example, Trading Cards, Collectables, Figures etc.

We focus on giving you the Latest News and Reviews but we maintain a similar context throughout all our posts. These would be a Gaming Culture, Original Reporting, and Humour. Now what I mean is, we’re big gamers here, huge in fact. This gives us the best opinions and the most factual reporting. On top of that, we introduce humour, cause who doesn’t want that? Lastly, we also do Original Reporting. We do not copy and paste, plagiarise from anything or anywhere.

So far we have 3 members of staff but we always have contributors to TheProGamer to help around.


Project Gamer Team

Daniel Leech  – Editor-in-chief and Press Relations Manager

“I’ve spent my entire life playing video games. From being a child to being a 24-year-old nerd. This is backed up by photos of me holding an NES controller when I was 2. I don’t remember it (obviously) but it shows to me I loved games as a kid because of my father and because of this, he loved his video games and passed the love onto me. I have experience previously in Journalism and Reviewing and now moving onto my own venture. I’m a huge RPG/jRPG fan but that love spreads to other games also. My favourite game series you ask? Resident Evil. Pure horror.”




Michael Percy  – Journalist and Reviewer

Percy, as he goes by, is an avid gamer but an even bigger movie and TV fanatic. He has a pass that allows him to go an see any movie and many times as he wants at any time, so trust me when I say this, he will see a movie many times over to get a good idea of what he thinks of it to get the full potential and the most honest opinions.




Shaun Thompson  – Journalist and Reviewer

“I have got to say that I have stepped into a lot of lives in the 26 years of life I have lived. (Most were spent in Skyrim but I have loved all of them is a nice quote I have liked to start with…..). I have played video games most of my life and risked a lot to put in the game time, I spend most of my days playing games or watching people play games and that love spreads over to TV & Movies. Let’s plays are what I need and H3H3 is my FUPA lord. If you want to see me, you can find me at the bannered mare or driving my tanks.”


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